Water treatment process in the production of imidazole

  Some sewage is produced during the production of imidazole, and these sewages must be treated to be discharged outside. The sewage treatment process is like this. First, there must be a sewage treatment tank. The sewage is discharged into the sewage treatment tank first. After a certain period of chemical reaction, the raw materials for producing imidazole will react with each other. Some of the harmful substances will disappear after some of these reactions. After a certain sedimentation, some solid matter inside will sink to the bottom of the pool, and we can clean up the solid matter so that the water is much clearer. Some reaction treatments produce clean water containing a small amount of chemical substances, and these clean waters can be treated to remove harmful substances. Now the environmental protection department has very demanding water for the imidazole manufacturers, so all manufacturers must buy a complete set of environmental protection equipment.

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