How to deal with leakage of imidazole ionic liquid tank

  In the process of cleaning the imidazole ionic liquid tank, there are often some unexpected events. For example, leakage is the most frequently presented situation. How to deal with this situation in emergency situations? Our professional imidazole ionic liquid tank team teaches you some Handle common sense, call the emergency number, ask relevant experts to deal with it, use the instrument to detect the concentration of imidazole ionic liquid in the surrounding environment, and the instrument flashes the concentration of imidazole ionic liquid on the ground to 2 mg per cubic meter, and uses the instrument around the application site. The scale of dispersion of the imidazole ionic liquid was monitored. Because imidazole ionic liquids transpire quickly in the wind, they should be diluted and diluted in the case of leakage. If the concentration of imidazole ionic liquid is 2 milligrams per cubic meter, it should be attributed to partial concentration, but it will not be applied to the human body. Too much damage. Imidazole ionic liquids are attributed to transpiration gases. If the concentration is extremely concentrated, it is very easy to damage the respiratory system and nervous system of the human body. If this happens, it is best to stay away from the incident address, use a towel or hand to cover the nose and mouth to prevent toxic gas damage.

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