Equipment structure of imidazole production line

  The equipment structure of the imidazole production line should be practical, and overall management is such a valuable tool. It is a subset of a management method and defines 121 rules to constrain the use of device structures that limit the imidazole production line. These structures are well designed, pointing out many possible errors and structures and usages that affect portability. More importantly, these rules are based on the characteristics of chemical production systems. Some chemical production operating systems specifically claim that 80% of their functions are subject to such rules, and the importance of the equipment structure of the imidazole production line can be seen. There are also some examples of extensions, but it is not like international standards. The development of chemical production lines is almost always using C language, and such languages ​​must pay attention to readability, reliability, portability, maintainability and other characteristics. Therefore, we must properly constrain the programmer, and MISRA C is the most complete coding model of embedded C language, which has been imported by many companies and local companies. The application fields of the imidazole production line are both numerous and complicated, and it is advantageous to produce the equipment structure ten.

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